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by Kirk

In the new podcast, Hauling RVs, we discuss the various topics and answer the most pertinent questions related to towing your RV. What are the towing capacities of my vehicle? Does my half-ton pick-up provide adequate capacity? Or should I look at three-quarter-ton or one-ton trucks? Gas or diesel? 4WD or two-wheel drive? New or used? What does bulletproof mean in a diesel engine? What features or accessories would make hauling easier, safer, and more pleasant? Each episode tackles a topic and gives you the information you need to make Hauling RVs an enjoyable experience. We can be found on our website, haulingrvs.com, where you can sign up for our newsletter, look for new content, and enter our giveaways. Don’t forget to submit a question for our question and answer episodes! The first episode will drop soon!